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About Us


Design meets performance.


The moment you have been waiting for is finally here! We’re thrilled to introduce Lashing Out Lashes, the latest state-of-the-art product, created by our talented team of experts - especially for you. The industry and the media are already buzzing - and we’re giving you a unique opportunity to join our growing fan club. Place your order today!

The mission and vision were clear from the very beginning, and provided the perseverance and drive necessary to create a true game-changer that’s been recognized throughout the industry.

Treated Silk

CEO & Founder

My name is Alexa, mom to a beautiful son, who comes from a small town, Wendover ON, not too far from Ottawa.

I have always been passionate of the beauty industry from a very young age. Practising, on my barbies, my sisters then my friends. After High School,I I pursued my studies in the world of administration and worked for 8 years in the medical industry. By the age of 25, I had my first baby, who is now 9 years old with my youngest daughter, going on 7. As my baby grew, something was missing, the balance of my career and the feeling of accomplishment as a woman was missing. Where was I going from there?


Lash extensions, has been intriguing me for a while, as I was myself getting dolled up by this lash extensions obsession.


Volume lashes, what are they really and why fanning seem to be a technique, not always offered or mastered by many lash technician. At that very moment, I had already started my course registration to a very well  established and successful salon,Ivonne Sanchez Academy.

My very first attempt at lashing (classics), my thought was "what Am I getting into?!" I was too passionate to even think of quitting. I started advertising my services in my small town, receiving clients who would lay down for 3 hours, as lashing and fanning all comes by practising. As well, many evenings watching my favourite show while practising making fans. My passion and my interest was so obvious, these 3 hours clients returned, and spread the word, my love for this little side hustle grew into multiple other services and a full time client's base.


Now why the launch of Makiki Beauty LASH? As my work became more and more artistic and professional, the chase to the best supply to work with has not always been easy. Once again, I was on a mission. On a mission to deliver the best lashes, easy to fan with a perfect curl, is my priority. And this is exactly what Makiki Beauty LASH is about.

I’ve been working with them on my clients for more then a year, and can’t think of anything else that would give me the amount of satisfaction I get on a daily basis from working with this product. I’m committed to two main principles: providing the highest level of service I can, and ensuring that my prices remain competitive and affordable. This focus on price and service is why so many of my clients are so loyal to me and are happy to recommend me to others.

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